Oracle Learning Credits

Oracle University has designed Learning Credits to assist the education decision maker in managing current and future Oracle training needs. Learning Credits allow you to purchase training in advance, without having to initially identify courses or designate who will be attending the training. Learning Credits are purchased in bulk and are deducted as payment when your staff registers for courses.

Save Time and Money with Learning Credits

Is managing the Oracle training requirements of your staff a priority? Each time an employee needs Oracle training -- do you have to start the approval and purchase process all over again? Learning Credits can help you better manage your Oracle training needs.

  • Plan and budget for organizational training needs.
  • Easily manage, forecast and track training costs.
  • Save on future training costs with volume discounts.
  • Respond quickly to new or "last-minute" training requirements, without having to open new purchase orders.

Make Your Training Purchase Go Farther

Learning Credits give you an opportunity to realize a significant discount on training when you purchase credits at higher volumes: the more credits you purchase, the more you save. By defining training requirements for multiple students, groups or divisions within your organization you can easily accumulate greater discounts. Learning Credits are purchased in any increments starting at $1,000 USD or the equivalent in local currency.

For more information and to discuss current discount levels , please contact academy.finland(at)