Oracle Virtual Trainings

Oracle University Live Virtual Class (LVC) is a form of training where you are studying with other students online from your own desktop, with a live instructor.

Complete listing of available LVC courses and prices (in alphabetical order): 

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Oracle University’s Training On Demand (TOD) is training you can take at your own pace, watching recorded classroom sessions taught by top Oracle Instructors - with a dedicated lab environment. You can access streaming lectures on your desktop or tablet, with the ability to fast-forward, pause, rewind & search. With Oracle Training on Demand You have three months of unlimited playback.

Oracle University’s Training On Demand courses have the same content as normal or Live Virtual classes and they are priced the same.

Complete listing of available TOD courses and prices (in alphabetical order):

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Oracle University Self-Study courses provide comprehensive, engaging lessons using the latest multimedia and instructional design to provide hands-on training, delivered to You in CD-rom format. With Oracle University's Self-Study courses you can download training courses & take them from your computer, at your own pace.

Complete listing of available SelfStudy CD-rom courses and prices (in alphabetical order):

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All Oracle University’s Live Virtual Classes, Training On Demand and Self-Study courses are in English.

For purchasing Oracle Live Virtual ClassesTraining on Demand or Self-Study courses, please contact academy.finland(at)

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Oracle Learning Stream

Price (FI) 936€/year/user

  • 12 months of unlimited access to hundreds of video courses delivered by Oracle’s experts.
  • Continuously updated content to keep your skills current.
  • Office hours that let you connect with Oracle instructors and ask questions.

With Streams you also have access to live webinars and instructor office hours even after your class has finished. You can also request additional seminars for free

Click on the links below to preview Oracle’s Learning Streams:

NEW OFFER: You are eligible for a free 30 days trial access to an Oracle Learning Stream of your choice if you book or purchase any Training On Demand, Classroom or Live Virtual Class training after March 9th, 2015.

All students that activate their Free Trial Learning Stream can buy a 12-month Learning Stream subscription at a 50% discount. Available throughout the trial period and will end 30 days after the trial period expires.

For more information contact academy.finland(at)


Oracle Unlimited Learning Subscription

For pricing information, please contact: academy.finland(at)

  • 12 months Unlimited access to all Oracle University Training On Demand courses
  • 12 months Unlimited access to all Oracle Learning Streams
  • 12 months Unlimited access to hands-on lab environments
  • 12 months Unlimited access to Oracle instructors