QlikView Technical Library


QlikView Technical Library is a for-fee offering. It contains a comprehensive set of training modules, each five to 10 minutes long, which will equip your technical team to build and deploy QlikView apps. Each module covers a specific topic related to creating QlikView apps, ranging from introductory concepts to advanced topics. New content is added to the library on a quarterly basis. In April 2015 the Library contains 41 modules, 5-10 minutes per module.

This comprehensive library will become an indispensable resource for your QlikView team, allowing designers, developers and even business users to expand their QlikView knowledge at their own pace, and learn new topics as needed. Ultimately this will help your organization achieve the full potential of Business Discovery.
The QlikView Technical Library modules span the following topics and much more:

  • Creating sheets and sheet objects, including list boxes, tables, gauges, and charts
  • Using special objects, including current selections, search and statistics
  • Advanced layout using containers, fast change, multi-boxes and minimized charts
  • QlikView expressions, variables and dimensions
  • Sheet design with text, lines and buttons
  • Adding comments, tags and metadata to apps
  • QlikView data structure, and working with the script editor and the debugger
  • Loading data from ODBC, OLEDB and other data sources
  • Advanced data integration: joining tables, table concatenation, cross table loads
  • Avoiding synthetic keys and circular references
  • Understanding and using QlikView Data Files (QVDs)
  • Security and section access

The fee is based on amount of named users, see table below

Product Name SEK DKK EUR NOK
QlikView for the Business User (max 50 users) 12000 9000 1200 9600
QlikView for the Business User (51- 250 Users) 30000 22500 3000 24000
QlikView for the Business User (251 - 1000 Users) 60000 45000 6000 48000
QlikView for the Business User (>1000 Users) 90000 67500 9000 72000
QlikView Technical Library (max 25 Users) 6000 4500 600 4800
QlikView Technical Library (26 - 50 Users) 12000 9000 1200 9600
QlikView Technical Library (> 50 Users) 30000 22500 3000 24000

For pricing options outside Nordic and/or for Qlik partners, please contact academy.finland(at)affecto.com.

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