SQL Language Basics


SQL is a query language standardized by the ANSI Institute, which is used to retrieve information and to edit database structures in to relational databases. Many reporting tools produce underlying SQL language automatically: to understand SQL Language is the basic requirement for developing Business Intelligence environments and producing better reporting.

During the training, you will learn the SQL language grammar, to help you do both simple and versatile relational database queries. Our training provides the basic skills for the reporting of data in the database query language, as well as a good basis for further study of information content editing (Data Manipulation Language), reporting software, database maintenance, and application development.

Target audience:
The training is primarily intended for database users and the reporter designers who have no previous experience in SQL queries. The course uses Affecto Academy own-developed material. The material is based on SQL language standard, but it includes key differences in Microsoft and Oracle's own syntax.

The training does not require prior database or programming experience.

  • Relational model
    • Relational database overview
    • Basic hierarchy of a relational database
    • SQL Language history
    • Development history
    • Product specific differences
  • Basic queries
    • Comments
    • Choosing columns and rows
    • Column aliases
    • NULL values in columns
    • Excluding and sorting the result set
    • Tips for basic queries
  • Functions
    • To query for random rows
  • Grouping the result set
    • GROUP BY section
    • Aggregate functions
    • HAVING section
    • Summarizing data with ROLLUP and CUBE
  • Set theory operations
    • Union, intersection and difference
  • Subqueries
    • Table aliases
    • Using a subqueries
    • Subquery types
  • Table joins
    • Primary and foreign keys
    • SQL92 and table joins
    • Inner joins
    • Outer joins
    • Subquery vs. table join

General information:


The course is taught in local language. Course includes plenty of hands-on exercises.

Course price includes course material and catering (coffees, lunch) daily.

Affecto reserves the right to make changes to courses and schedules. Affecto may cancel a course if there are less than six (6) participants. Affecto is not responsible for any expenses related to course cancellation.

This course can also be arranged onsite at customer location.

The course will be held Affecto Academy training facility at Atomitie 2, 00370 Helsinki. The course day begins at 9am and end between 4pn and 4:30pm.

VAT will be added to the prices.

For more information, please contact Academy Finland

The course will be held Affecto Academy training facility at Stortorvet 10 (GlasMagasinet), Oslo. The course day begins at 9am and end at 4pm.

For more information, please contact Academy Norway

Duration: 2 day
Price: 995.00 €

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