Visual Business Intelligence Workshop (3 days)


During this three-day workshop you will learn to:

  • recognize and avoid the most common data visualization mistakes
  • match your message to the right type of graph
  • design tables and graphs to communicate information simply, clearly, and accurately
  • recognize the most common problems that cause information dashboards to be under-used or abandoned by decision-makers
  • apply dashboard design best practices
  • avoid clutter and arrange data in a way that enables large numbers of metrics to be monitored at a glance

Target audience:
This workshop is aimed at anyone who communicates quantitative information to internal decision-makers, external stakeholders, the public or others. Participants could come from the government, not-for-profit or private sectors and may include teachers, scientists, medical professionals, business managers and analysts, planners, information management and communication professionals, business intelligence and application developers, data analysts, usability experts—basically anyone who regularly needs to communicate quantitative information to an audience


This course was originally developed by Stephen Few of Perceptual Edge, the world’s leading thinker in data visualization, and is now taught by Nick Desbarats, Principal at Practical Reporting Inc., who has been teaching Mr. Few’s courses since 2014 and has updated the course content for this workshop.

We are overwhelmed by information, not because there is too much, but because we don't know how to tame it. Information lies stagnant in rapidly expanding pools as our ability to collect and warehouse it increases but our abilities to make sense of and communicate it often aren’t up to the task.

Computers speed the process of information handling but they don't tell us what the information means or how to communicate its meaning to decision-makers. These analysis and communication skills are not intuitive; they must be learned.

These workshops equip participants with the knowledge and techniques of visual business intelligence to help them make better use of their valuable information assets.

This is a three-day workshop consisting of two courses:

You can register separately to either of the courses or to the whole workshop (2150€)

Please note: Early-bird registration price 1950€(+vat) for the whole workshop available until February 28, 2018

Instructor Nick Desbarats

Mr. Desbarats is the only educator who is authorized to deliver Stephen Few’s foundational Perceptual Edge workshops.

He has taught data visualization and information dashboard design to over 1000 professionals in eight countries at organizations ranging from NASA to Bloomberg to the Central Bank of Tanzania.

In addition to teaching, Mr. Desbarats regularly designs information dashboards for senior executives at Fortune 1000 and large governmental organizations and writes about data visualization for the Perceptual Edge blog. He has been designing decision-support systems for decision-makers for over 20 years and has held executive positions in three software companies.

General information:

Event specific information, please see Visual Business Intelligence Workshop 2018 Helsinki.

Duration: 3 day
Price: 2150.00 €

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