DV Certification

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Data Vault Modeling & Certification (CDVDM)

18.-20.12.2017 , Academy Finland (Helsinki)
19.-21.03.2018 , Academy Finland (Helsinki)
18.-20.06.2018 , Academy Finland (Helsinki)
24.-26.10.2018 , Academy Finland (Helsinki)

This is the official Data Vault Certified Data Modeler course!  Successful completion of this course and the certification exam leads to the designation of certified data vault data modeler (CDVDM). 

NOTE! Due to online on-demand training starting two weeks prior to the course, last recommended day for registration is three weeks prior to actual courses days.

This is the primary Genesee Academy seminar course and includes the Data Vault data modeling approach and related DW architecture. This course will cover the core concepts of the Data Vault including the Hubs, Links, Satellites, modeling of the business keys, table key structures, detailed attributes, modeling rules, and managing relationships. The course allows students to apply the data vault approach to in-classroom labs completed in small groups. Advanced and exception modeling constructs are presented along with the best practices for applying them.

This course is delivered using a hybrid technique including three (3) days in the classroom working including lectures and interactive group lab work.  Plus two (2) weeks of online on-demand video lectures and labs delivered on  DataVaultAcademy.com .  

Audience Roles:
Data Modeler, Data Architect, Business Analyst, B.I. Analyst, ETL Designer, Systems Architect, Business Sponsor, IT Executives, Project Managers, B.I. Architects, Report designers, Database Architects 
Class Delivery:
Classroom Lecture, Presentations, Discussions, Exercises, Labs and online Lessons.
Lab Work:
We provide case-studies for the teams to utilize in the hands-on lab work.

The test is written in English, we do not grade on grammar or spelling constructs – only on ideas and concepts. Two and a half hours are allowed for this test.

Turnaround time: expect the results of the certification test to be available 3 to 4 weeks after the class has been taken. We will notify each individual by e-mail, therefore the student must provide a working e-mail address upon registration for this course.