Taught by Nick Desbarats

Helsinki, May 22-24, 2018 (Finland Hall)

Show me the numbers and Information Dashboard design

Affecto Academy offers an excellent course on data analysis and presentation taught by Nick Desbarats . This workshop was originally developed by Stephen Few of Perceptual Edge, the world’s leading thinker in data visualization, and is now taught by Nick Desbarats, Principal at Practical Reporting Inc., who has been teaching Mr. Few’s courses since 2014 and has updated the course content for this workshop. Currently, Nick is the only instructor authorized to teach Stephen Few's workshops.

No information is more important to a business than quantitative information — the numbers that measure performance, identify opportunities, and forecast the future. Most quantitative information is presented as tables and graphs. Unfortunately, most tables and graphs used in business today are poorly designed —often to the point of misinformation. This workshop will introduce best practices in data visualization that yield effective table and graph designs.

Dashboards have become a very popular means to present critical business information at a glance. Technology investments, however, are not enough to guarantee success. Well-designed dashboards engage the power of human visual perception so that essential information can be consumed in an instant and with exceptional clarity.

Stephen Few is known for his four popular books on data visualization: Show Me the Numbers, Information Dashboard Design, Now You See It and Signal. Each attendee in this workshop will get a copy of the books Show Me the Numbers and Information Dashboard Design


See detailed agenda for this workshop from  here .

Date: 22-24.05.2018 Place: Finlandia Hall, Helsinki